Why Chose VENAEcuador

1. VENAEcuador is a non-profit organization

Our mission is not to make money, but rather to dedicate ourselved to helping those who need assistance. We use over 75% of volunteer and intern contributions to undertake social and community development projects such as restoring schools, sponsoring orphans, and providing medical resources to marginalised communities. You can be sure that your money is not going into some executive’s bank account, but reather into honourable projects for people that desperately need help.

2. VENAEcuador works exclusively in Ecuador

We were born here, we live here, and that is what differentiated us from other programs. We are the only organization that is truly in touch with local and marginalised communities, and for this reason you can be assured that your contribution will be felt in the hearts of real Ecuadorians in need.

3. VENAEcuador has locations all over the country

From rural, indigenous communities in the Andes Mountains, to the beautiful beaches and wildlife of the Galapgos Islands, we can place volunteers and interns almost anywhere!

4. VENAEcuador has a huge range of unique placements

Whether you’re looking for a first class internship to strengthen your prospects in a competitive world, or simply wish to volunteers your skills and experience to help those desperately in need, we are equipped to find the perfect placement for you!

5. VENAEcuador works with great host families

We recognise that your host family will form an extremely important pasrt of your experience, both for cultural and personal reasons. We work exclusively with warm and welcoming families that will dedicate themselves entirely to your happiness, and give you a true feel for the local culture. This will become your home away from home!

6. VENAEcuador has been running for years

With years of experience placing students, graduates and all others interested in our unique opportunities, we are experts at matching your skills and interests with our fantastic placements.