Helping Ecuador

VENAEcuador is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable populations, overcoming structural exclusion, and guaranteeing human rights throughout the Ecuadorian territory. With the support of our dedicated volunteers, and financial resources from a range of sources, we are able to implement a wide range of programs that provide social and economic support to the most marginalized and threatened members of our community. From school reconstruction projects in poor, rural areas to medicine provision in urgent situations, our scope of support encompasses both long-term community development investment and emergency social support to those most in need.

Current Projects

Our current projects include:
1. School Reconstruction Program in Puerto Viejo
2. Daycare Reconstruction Program in Otavalo
3. Child Sponsorship Program
4. Acquisition of Ambulance for Community of Pimpampiro
5. Emergency Social Support Scheme (health & education support)

Past Projects

Our past projects include:
1. Construction of Red Cross Emergency Response Center
2. Construction of Library in Puerto Viejo
3. Reconstruction of School Bathrooms in Otavalo
4. Medical Supplies Donations
5. Emergency Social Support Scheme (health & education support)



As a small non-profit organization, VENAEcuador relies principally on altruistic national and international donors to fund its development activities throughout the country. With the use of compassionate and dedicated volunteers to execute its projects, you can be assured that your donation always goes directly towards funding humanitarian programs and never into staff or administration costs. We would welcome donations for any of our current projects, as well as general donations that we can allocate to new areas.