VENAEcuador is a non-profit organization that works with international volunteers and interns to provide sustainable and effective development to marginalised groups and individuals, whilst simultaneously allowing the program participant to achieve personal and professional growth.

​We provide assistance to those in need by placing skilled, hard-working and compassionate participants in organizations dedicated to our altruistic goals. Teaching in rural areas, working for the protection of human rights, and conserving the natural environment are just some of the honourable activites our volunteers and interns perform in the service of the country and its people.

Similarly, we use contributions from a wide range of sources to finance development and social aid projects throughout the country. Building schools, sponsoring orphans and providing medical supplies for the poor number among the many projects that we have undertaken to improve the lives of those for whom life is a daily struggle for survival.​

We ofer international volunteers and interns the opportunity to live and work amongst beautiful surroundings, immerse themselves in the rich culture of Ecuador, and improve their Spanish language skills. Most importantly, participants will experience a version of life that will completely and forever change the way they see themselves and the world around them.​
We believe that opportunity and dignity are features that should belong to all of humanity, not just to the elite and privileged. It is for this reason that we dedicate our time, energy and resources to helping the less fortunate in their quest for better, more humane lives. Come to Ecuador and help us achieve this honourable goal​.

​“Working to Enrich the Lives of Others”