Teaching & Sports

Give students the skills they require to succeed in a globalized competitive environment. Share your knowledge of English or highly sought-after IT skills, or contribute to the interpersonal growth of students by engaging them in sports or other fun and stimulating activities. Projects are available all over Ecuador!



Support the noble work of orphanages, enabling children who have suffered terrible losses or abuse to fill the emotional void that accompanies such tragedy. Daily work will involve a range of activities including teaching and playing with the children, and offering additional support to the orphanage as required.


Medicine & Health

One of VENAEcuador’s most established programs, we offer aspiring medics or graduates comprehensive work experience in public hospitals tailored to your level of study and experience. Placements available in rural or urban areas, and throughout the regions of Ecuador. Some knowledge of Spanish is required.


Disability Rehabilitation

Qualified physicial therapists, or those interested in supporting the disability rehabilitation centers for children who are unable to access quality private care, are urgently required to enable these important resources to continue to provide essential support to a problem that disproportionately affects the poor.



Degrading infrastructure in the public schools system in Ecuador seriously impacts upon the quality of education offered to students from low socieconomic backgrounds. Contribute to the VENAEcuador Foundation school reconstruction program in two regions and improve services for local communities.


Social Work

Help direct resources to the most vulnerable families and individuals in Ecuador. Support the fulfillment of basic human rights through contributing to social schemes, for the provision of healthcare, nutrition, education and other benefits to excluded populations in marginalized urban and rural areas of the country.



Help conserve one of the world’s most biodiverse countries. With a choice of conservation schemes in the Amazon Rainforest, Cloud forest and even the Galapagos Islands, your work will contribute to the protection and preservation of world-class natural sites.


Animal Rescue

In a country with highly diverse fauna, increasing attention has turned to the protection of animal species from exposure to illegal trafficking rings. Support the work of Centers preserving the integrity of endangered or threatened species and make a real contribution to the conservation of biodiversity in the country.