"Working to Enrich the Lives of Others"

Amazon Rainforest


With years of experience working with students and graduates, and top placements throughout the country, VENAE can help you find the perfect professional opportunity to secure the dream job you’ve always wanted!



If you’re looking to volunteer your services to help those in need, whilst exploring beautiful surroundings and a rich cultural heritage, VENAE has a huge range of programs to suit your requirements!


Group VolunTourism

Our new volunteering and tourism packages present the perfect opportunity for small and large groups to explore the highlights of the country, whilst making a genuine contribution to the local population and their communities.


Study Spanish

The perfect opportunity to improve your Spanish, VENAEcuador offers a combination of language tuition and host family acomodation, allowing you to truly immerse yourself
in a new language and culture.

«It`s impossible to describe the feeling you get when you give up yourself for someone who reallu needs the help. When you meet someone and wondeer how they can still be alive, given their conditions and circunstances, you know that helping them is your only option. Many of us live comfortable live but forget to think about the needs of so many others who, much of the time, live right outside our door. Just because we don`t know what the needs are, doesn`t mean we are free to forget the needs exist.»

Ex-VENAEcuador Volunteer

«Volunteering overseas in a country I have never been to before was a first for me. Looking back now this was one of the best things Ihave done in my life. I wish I had dine this sooner! For those of you doing this for the first time, you are in good hands with VENAEcuador. It is a very rewarding experience!»

Tulay Yalcin
Ex-VENAEcuador Volunteer